photography is all about light and angles

 One of the most intriguing aspects about photography is that “what you see is not always what you get”. Very often the vivid colors you discover in the images you have recorded are much more brilliant than you anticipated at the time you clicked the shutter.

A great image may be one which makes you feel you returned to the time and place of the photographer who captured it. Or it may make you want to visit the site for yourself. An image on a wall we must always stop and admire is a goal of my photography. It is my desire to capture those special images we proudly show to our friends. As artists we photographers take into consideration, shape, balance, color, texture, and especially the lighting in our compositions.

We are very often gifted with lake shore, or mountain scenes which are breath taking. It is the framing and angles selected by the individual that can provide a record of this moment we will enjoy forever. Sometimes just a leaf in the corner of the image, or a log in the water provide a 3-D effect that makes the shot superior to the others taken.

The most artistic image I ever recorded was an accident - a double exposure. I was taking a wedding for a college friend in Bradford Pennsylvania. My camera tripped on my hip ……….. unknown to me, I never advanced the film. My next image was that of the bride walking out on the front steps of their colonial home. This double exposure resulted in a background of the beautiful pine covered mountains, with an overlay of the bride in her flowing gown at the top of the front steps. This was the families most requested image.

I believe good photography is tremendously instinctive, so I try to go by what feels right. The Lake Michigan views are always beautiful, but a lake with whitecaps, cumulus clouds and blue sky make scenes spectacular. On these days I take my camera and head for the shoreline. If I am in Florida I take advantage of the cool fronts that provide the blue sky, and late afternoon sun that is ideal for the images I seek. Continual growth of my photographic skills should enable me to provide interesting new subject matter to my image galleries.